String Theory is a podcast series that celebrates music's most iconic instrument — the guitar. Capturing the passion guitar players have for their instrument — the history, the sound, the mythology, the gear — these short-form audio documentaries explore the hold the guitar has on music culture, the far corners of the guitar galaxy, and the impact the humble guitar has had on so many lives.

Three Chords and the Truth -
Kevin R. Gallagher

You don’t expect a teenager weaned on the Who and Led Zeppelin to draw comparisons to classical guitar legend Andrés Segovia when he’s all grown up, but then, Kevin Gallagher seems to enjoy delivering the unexpected.

Though he’s hauled in a sizable collection of hardware from classical guitar competitions the world over, Gallagher’s latest fret ventures have led him to avant-pop, playing composed music on electric guitar with Electric Kompany, the chamber rock quartet he founded in 2001.

In this episode of Three Chords and the Truth, Kevin talks about the cartoon drawings of his first band, branching out from his rock roots into jazz and classical guitar, the pop/classical divide, and the philosophy he learned from Eddie Van Halen.